A quick overview: 
This is not not your normal rental shop. The decentralised, community powered structure is what makes this thing tick!  There are several hundred lenses, cameras and accessories spread all over NZ. These are almost solely owned by Ira Redepenning/Dream Gear. There are key clients in every major city of NZ who act as pick up / drop-off locations  when needed but otherwise the gear goes directly from one client to the next client via courier or by meeting  person. So you the member / participant sets the bar of service others receive - and here at the Dream Team we do a stellar job of looking after each other.  We have an Auckland and Christchurch dispatch base that short term hires are returned to and dispatched from. Our gratitude goes out to all the Dream Gear members who collectively all pitch in to make the logistics run smoothly. 
Your responsibilities / liabilities: 
Being a part of this is more than just being a client but a few small important  actions to keep in mind but the benefits are that we can serve all corners of the county at a fraction of the cost of other outfits.
1A. Are you new  - head down to the bottom of the page and click on "Ready to get started with us" have proof of address & ID ready for uploading. 
1B. If you are an existing member, head straight to the booking portal.  You'll either be able to login, or create a login. Some of you have said you like the list version catalogue so here is the gear & price list at glance with updated long term flat rates.
2. Be proactive in communicating, with many creatives (Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, ADHD, ASD and just busy, working parents, etc..... aka humans ) involved on a volunteer basis there are more chances for things to get missed. Don't EVER be shy of following up or checking in. If you haven't received a tracking number, if the tracking number looks to be running late for a deadline, if someone you are meeting is not responding, if gear is not behaving the way you think it should, or you just want some reassurance. Get in touch earlier rather than later  -   we are here to help! Messaging Ira on FB messenger is your quickest route.
3. When you collect or receive gear; take photos and upload them in this form.
4. When you are done - be in touch if you aren't already lured into renting the gear permanently now, send us a message before shipping it back.  We may not need it back at base, the next booking might be in your suburb, or out in the whop-whops so contact us and we'll advise the next destination and that way we can avoid double paying for shipping gear. 
4B: Shipping to you is included in the list price, either paid for by the previous client or us. Shipping or dropping back to us or to the next client is at your cost. If you have a printer we can generate a label for you for $15. TIP: When possible avoid paying for parcels over the counter, it's much much cheaper to book them online. Here is a explanation of how to use your Trademe account even if you don't have a printer and usually they can pick up from your house also, it's an amazing service. 
5. If you are sending the gear use SIGNATURE COURIER  and send us the proof of the tracking. This is crucial. If you send an item without signature required or have lost /don't have the tracking number for us - and it disappears you will be liable for the full cost of replacement. NEVER use Aramex couriers, Terrible company.
6. By booking though our booking portal to make use of our services you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions: 
Excess for damage, drops, drowning
including burglary by forced entry: $800
Excess for unexplained loss / theft: Full replacement
More than 14 days in advance: No penalty
Less than 14 days but prior to shipment: 30% penalty
After shipment: Minimum 1 week full charge. 
Failure to pick up as arranged: Full charge
Unpaid Invoicing:
 After 28 days we reserve the right to charge a  late  fee 20% of the outstanding amount, and will add 10% per month thereafter to debts that continue to be unpaid. 

No bond is taken on goods, we run an ultimately high trust model, if that's not your style our community might not be the place for you. If you choose to  abuse that we will come for you with the energy that we put into looking after the good people. This is your fair warning- if you have bad vibes, no need to apply. 
You will note that no payment is required at check out. We will invoice you when the order is confirmed, this is because we provide an extremely customised service so things may be changed, updated, altered etc before we finalise the invoice. In return we ask that you respect our time by paying your invoice promptly and again communicating proactively if there are any issues. 
We offer:
Direct Credit  - aka bank transfer. 
Direct Debit  - perfect for subscriptions & regular clients
Credit Card - with a 3% surcharge this is available 

Our business is run on trust and goodwill. There is no bond charged and 99.9% of people are lovely and honest, which is why this business exist. Prompt communication is expected, if you stop replying to contact without prior warning, the recovery process we be actioned at your expense without further warning.

We really do love what we do - empowering our members through access to knowledge and equipment. We promise to go out of our way to serve you, and we expect prompt, considerate cooperation from you in return. Like attracts like, and Dream Gear has over 3 years become a nationwide community of people who share the values of looking out for each other, sharing knowledge and resources, and putting in effort to make the world a better place. 
We're looking forward to getting to know you! 

For quick responses, message the Dream Gear Photography Rentals Facebook page. Emails will still be answered but not always as quickly. 

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