An amazing, professional, reliable, rental company. Would recommend to anyone. I’m a new photography and appreciate their attention to detail and great communication.
- Tom Noble
Ira and the team at Dream Gear are such legends! I would highly recommend this service. There is a wide variety of gear and sometimes you can request a specific one if not listed. If you are willing to help out, you get perks in return. Makes it a great service and community for everyone!
- Roc Torio
DG Rentals has been my go to rental house for different bodies and lenses for almost a year now. Definitely recommend them. Ira turns a really good operation and has high quality gear at significantly lower prices than other rental houses.
- Ethan Williams
I've used Dream gear rentals for a long time now and couldn't imagine using anyone else for my photography gear rentals epic experience great price amazing range and great knowledge.
- Vaughan Wessels
Nice gears with such a affordable price in the market. Highly recommend if someone looking to try new gears. Will consider again soon.
- Prasobh Prasanth
I recently rented the 24-105mm RF lens for a week to try it on my new R6 and it was fantastic!! it was sharp and quiet also quick at focusing on the subject.
Highly recommend Dream gear rentals they are amazing!!!
- Justin Baxter
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